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Study online and get ready for the Cambridge FCE/First, CAE/Advanced or Matura Advanced English exam.
Get answers and feedback to your answers from the most popular English FCE and CAE exam coursebooks: Gold, Expert and Ready For.
Do as many exercises as you want! Access ALL our online resources for one small monthly payment.
• All you need is the coursebook – buy one from us and get 1 month's access free and the internet.
• This is NOT a course for people learning English. This is for people who know some English and want to pass an exam.Are you ready to Cram The Exam?

Why waste your time and money? Make Cram The Exam your online English school!

How does Cram The Exam work?

Choose an exercise

Choose an exercise from your coursebook

Do an English exam question

Do the exercise in exam conditions

Watch a video and see the answers

Watch our short videos which show you and explain the answers. Easy!

What do you get from Cram The Exam?

ALL the answers to ALL the exercises for the Gold, Expert and Ready For coursebooks.
• detailed explanations for the exam questions – find out why the answers are the answers.
• feedback for your writing exercises – send them to us, we’ll mark them and send them back.

To see what we do at Cram The Exam, try this exam question and watch the video to check out your answers.

On Youtube and Facebook we give you plenty of advice and help and link to great websites such as Flo-Joe, Exam English, English Page, Chomp Chomp and others to give you the chance to make sure your ready for your English exam.

Why Cram The Exam and not a language school?

Many, many reasons ...

School Cram The Exam
Do I need a coursebook? Yes. Yes. Without a coursebook, our videos won’t make any sense at all.
Can I choose the coursebook? No - the school chooses for you. YES! Choose 1 from 6 coursebooks:
FCE/First: Gold First, First Expert, Ready for First,
CAE/Advanced: Gold Advanced, Advanced Expert or Ready for Advanced.
How much time does it take to study the coursebook? 2 semesters. As quickly as you want – it could even be as little as one week!
How much does it cost? 1500zł – 5000zł per year (185zł - 625zł per month). 31-day access to CramTheExam: 30zł
93-day access, a FREE coursebook and postage (Poland only) 75zł
93-day access, a FREE coursebook and postage (Europe) 105zł

What about flexibility? None.
Lessons, coursebooks, and locations are all set for you. Miss a lesson, miss vital information.
Study anything we have, at any time, anywhere and on any device.
What skills do we work on? All skills, but lots of wasted time (setting up/ending lessons, waiting for slower students, sometimes poor teaching, etc). We only focus on 3 exam skills: writing, reading, and listening. We still think conversation skills are best learnt with a teacher.

Which will you choose?

How do I register & pay for CramTheExam?

Easy peasy!

1. Read the Terms & Conditions
2. Make sure you have a coursebook or buy one from me - without the coursebook, the videos will make no sense
3. Click on the button below to see the payment link

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