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  • 10 word formation exercises? No problem.
  • 15 writing exercises, get them marked and get feedback? CTE can do that.
  • 20 listening questions back-to-back? We’ve got that too.
Use our Facebook page and Youtube channel for: free exam questions, advice, help, and everything you need to get you ready for your Enlgish exam.

How does CramTheExam work?

Open your coursebook or go to our Youtube channel

Choose an exam exercise

Do the exercise in exam conditions

Watch a video to check your answers and learn why!

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Have you got: Gold First, First Expert, Ready for First, Gold Advanced, Advanced Expert or Ready for Advanced?
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We've got a number of FCE/First and CAE/Advanced English questions on our Youtube channel
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Why CramTheExam and not a language school?

Many, many reasons ...

School CramTheExam
Do I need a coursebook? Yes. Yes. Without a coursebook, the videos won’t make any sense at all. None, zero, zip, nadda.
Which coursebook can I study? Whichever the school chooses. You get to choose! CramTheExam covers the Gold and Expert books from Pearson, and the Ready For books from Macmillan. By the end of 2017, hopefully, we'll have them all!
How long does it take to do the exam questions in a coursebook? 2 semesters. As quickly as you want – it could even be as little as one week!
How much does it cost? 1500zł – 5000zł per year (185zł - 625zł per month). - 90zł for 31 days' access - great if you already have the coursebook, or
- 260zł for 93 days' access + a coursebook! (offer applies to Poland only, delivery to other countries will incur additional costs)
And remember, both include access to EVERYTHING on CramTheExam.
How many coursebooks can you study? 1 per academic year, and remember, the school gets to choose. As many as you wish. If it’s on the website, you can study it. Just remember you need that coursebook you want to study from.
What about flexibility? No flexibility at all.
Lessons are at set times. Coursebooks are chosen. The location is set. Miss a lesson, miss vital information.
Complete flexibility.
Study anywhere, at any time, on any device, from (very soon) every coursebook.
What skills do we work on? All required skills, but lots of wasted time (setting up lessons, waiting for slower students, ending lessons, poor teaching, etc). We only focus on 3 exam skills: writing, reading, and listening. We still think conversation skills are best learnt with a teacher.
Which coursebooks are on the website? Cambridge First/FCE: Gold, Expert and Ready For.
Cambridge Advanced/CAE: Gold, Expert and Ready For.
Matura advanced: None right now, but we'll soon be working on some.
We're working on the rest of the titles, and hopefully by December 2017, we'll have them all: Result, Complete, Masterclass and all leading Matura titles.
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